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De Marchi Engineering provide Quality Metal Fabrication services by combining a comprehensive list of manufacturing equipment, a skilled work force with years of experience and the highest levels of Quality Control and Customer Service.

• Stainless Steel Fabrication services Mild Steel Fabrication services • Aluminium Fabrication services


We can supply you with Bespoke one off Fabrications or High Volume Batch Work, all with the Quality Assurance of ISO9001:2008.

High Speed Laser Cutting
Laser Cutting

Ultra fast and ultra precise. The ENSIS-AJ 9 kW Fibre Laser with fully automated material load and unload system

5 Axis CNC water jet
Waterjet Cutting

5 Axis, 3-Dimensional Waterjet Cutting for almost any material.


Metals • Composites •  Wood • Glass • Stone • Tile • Plastics and much more.

Time Saver Grind Master
Surface Finishing & DeBurring

Semi automated surface finishing, ideal for deburring plasma and laser cut parts and surface finishing to DP brush finish with a max  width of 900mm.

Press Brake Bending & Forming
Bending & Forming

225 tonne x 3.0mtr CNC Press Brake.

170 tonne x 3.0mtr 8 Axis Press Brake

400 tonne x 3.0mtr 8 Axis Press Brake

36 tonne and 80 tonne CNC horizontal bending machines.

Thread Rolling
Thread Rolling

Up to 30mm dia. in Stainless Steel and Mild Steel.

Hypertherm HPR260Xd TrueHole
HD Plasma Cutting

High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting for


Stainless Steel • Mild Steel • Aluminium.

EN1090-1:2009+A1:2011 EXC2.

MIG Welding and TIG Welding for Stainless Steel, Mild Steel & Aluminium.


EN 15614-1

ISO 9606-1

Sawing & Cutting
Sawing & Shearing

Guillotining up to 3m x 12mm in Mild Steel and 3m x 8mm in Stainless Steel.


Fully automatic Band-saw with mitre cut facility.

Metal Punching Holes & Slots

5 Semi Automated Punching machines with up to 160 tonne capacity.

CAD CAM Drawing Office
Drawing Office

SolidWorks 2019

AutoCAD 2014.


FlowXpert 3D.

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