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A leading UK manufacturer of standard & custom stainless steel and mild steel serrated plates, serrated pads, serrated patches and serrated washers.

We can quickly fabricate & supply serrated parts to your exact specification. Whether you require construction related serrated plate fixings, serrated locking pads or washers, we can help.

All our serrated Patches, Washers & Sheets are laser cut to size and come with a standard 3mm pitch adjustment.

The standard sized serrated patches, washers and blanks available to order from stock are:

  • Serrated Patches, Grade 304/316 & Mild Steel – 80mm x 40mm x 4mm. (any size slotted hole)
  • Serrated Washers, Grade 304/316 & Mild Steel – 40mm x 40mm x 4mm. (any size hole)
  • Serrated Sheets, Grade 304/316 & Mild Steel – Maximum size of 850mm x 295mm.
  • Custom sizes available on request in Grade 304/316 & Mild Steel, in any thickness up to 30mm.


Do you require bespoke serrated patches or washers for your project? Get in touch and we will provide you with a quotation.

Serrated Plates - Applications

  • Brickwork fixings
  • Serrated plates & brackets
  • Wind posts
  • Stonework fixings
  • Solar shading fixings
  • Timber engineering
  • Façade engineering
  • Secondary steelwork

For associated metal fabricated parts or enquiries, do get in touch.

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